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Friday, June 18, 2010

once upon a milk shake

milkshake milkshake milkshake!
now imma craving for it liao ):
can i move to s'pore and be Singaporean?
s'pore got tons of awesomeeeeee foods !

the menu! (:
something good bout taking pichas of menu!
so that you can refer back when you are blogging! :P

mua sis
the PAPER MADE chair! (:
mad awesomeeeeee!

the birdie!
which looks like the birdie in twitter! X)

once upon a milk shake
made by

look at the bottom part! (:
books instead of the normal soil or pasu! X)

lilsis and lilcoussie (:
the i dont like shopping gang! X)

milkshake ish finally here! (:

we ordered
chocolate truffle castle
spooky mocha
grumbling rum

awww the names damn cuteeeeee right! (:

i love grumbling rum! (:
their milkshake is super duper KAO
unlike m'sia want!
like super duper dilute lorh wei ):

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