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Monday, June 21, 2010

orchard road

this post gonna be flooded with mua pichas! (:
shopping day marh!
mane ade time take pichas of other stuff! :P

MRT (:

looks like hong kong want right! (:

reflections (:

the awesomeeeee flats! (:
bought it at far east plaza!
only cost me around 16 sin dollars! (:
cheap right ! (:

with jennise! (:
the super fair ! i pun mau):

elisse! (:

and i just realise i look all the same in all the pichas!
same angle punya!

with charisse! (:
freaking tall!

snack time!

the yogurt ice cream! (:
which i think is alilbit too sour! ):
but then others said it's okay!
not sour at all S:

nai cha and fried calamari! (:
slurpsssss! damn nice! (:

the wongs sisters

with the lilgirls! X)

all of us! (:

with the berry famous art in orchard road! X)
must take pichas! (:

us.checking the pichas! (:

sisters! (:


whatcha say? (:


ps: noooo i didnt buy that! i bought another want instead ! (:

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