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Monday, August 30, 2010


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navy collar shirt wear as cardigan;BKK; navy polka dots;times square;braid caramel belt;BKK; vintage beg;times square; vintage heels;S'pore;accessories;BKK

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dont look at my youwannafightarh face ): was trying pose with another style.but i think it doesn't suits me ): what do you think? (: pichasssssssss taken at my little garden! (: pretty? photoshoot at garden aint fun! ): damnnnnnnnnn hoooooooot lorh! i was sweating like mad after i took like 10 pichas! ): and dont ask me why i didnt post all the pichas! i only choose those i look good in it! :P


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vintage baaaaaaaaag! which only cost me like RM18! darn cheap righttttttt! :DDDDDD

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lmaooooo didnt realise that i didnt tie mua shoe lace! oppppppps! tinker bell necklace!

ps: gonna watch date night lateeeeeeeeeeer! :D finally could relax liawwwwwwww! :D

pps: gonna dye my hair tomorrow! with LIESE BUBBLE HAIR DYE

Sunday, August 29, 2010


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postage is included! :D 100% BRAND NEW! all the way from BKK! ONLY 1 piece! :DDDDD which means you aint gonna face the awkward moment when you found out your friend is wearing the same thing as you! don't you hate that? ): fits S size baby the best! and it's sheer! best for our weather! (: pair it up with plain black dress, tshirt, sleeveless top or even BIKINI! :DDDDDDD

what you waiting for? (: drop me comment naooooo! :D or send me email @ :)

PS: more updates on tues! after my chemy test! which is tml S: shall study naoooooo! baibai!

Friday, August 27, 2010



nude pink with sheer love top; bows mini dress underneath;nude pink legging;blue vintage beg;BKK

shiaaaaat just realise when i smile pun no eyes punya ): and look at the pichas you would know how short and fat am i X) baby said my nude pink leggings ish ugly ):


yes! the bow bow bow bow bow!!!!! should have bought the nuce pink too! ): awwww.i wanna go back to BKK again! ): nevermind mama agreed to let me open a blogshop after mua A2! yeeeeees! means i can shop like ki xiao for myself too! :DDDDDDDD


dont look at my choc stain! ): @xuanneh said is a shiaaaaaaat stain sebab imma toilet cleaner! ): hmmmmmmmm luckily you helped me to buy mua bubble hair dye for meeeee! :D if not must stuff your head into the toilet bowl liawwww! thankiew xuan xuan ! but then rupa rupanya want me to be the white mouse 1st! ): still i cant wait to try! :DDDDDDDD the colour better be obvious! if not damn du kao lan lorh ):

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clogs Obsession

damn!!!!!!!! i dont know which pair to buy! ): and i dont wanna buy the same thing for twice! cause i think the trend gonna be over berry soooooooooooon! ): help meeeeeeeeeeeee!
drop me comments! :DDDDDDDDD

i think i gonna get this pair of babies! (: they look awesome! no?

ps: i cant wait to put all these babies on meeeeeeeeee! :DDDDDD wtf shopping FTW! :DDD

pps: and believe me shopping is the best way to keep yourself awake!



pink pink pinkieeeee lenssssssss! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD _

but it looks purplish here! ): who ever said it's brown LOOK HERE! you are freaking colour blind ): though the supplier sucks abigbigbigtime! pffffffff
seeeeeeeeee.what trials have done to me ): pimples and super duper big eye bags! ): and black roots ): gonna try out the bubble dyeeeeeee! after mua trials! beh tahan all those ugly black roots liawwwww! but can't seems to get it in all the watsons nearby my house ):


polka dots with laces top BKK, short pants idontrememberfromwhereliaw, leggings BKK

and I was freezing during the tests today! T-T especially the lacey part! ):

went to ikea to have meatballssssssssssssssssss! :DDDDDDDDDDD thanks chin chin for the meatballs!
though i makan with mua kena blood pants FML

ps: got to go! POWER NAP TIMEEEEE! :DDDD buhbai! and imma planning my holidays plan liaw! WTF

Saturday, August 21, 2010

stylo milo


trials start from tomorrow! SSSSSSSSS: very gan jiong after i tried the trials PYQ ): shoooo damn hard! ): why can't they just set the paper atinylilbit easier? ): but then imma thinking what to do during mua study break! 2 weeks! :DDDDDDDDDD went back to college yesterday! and laughed like a crazywoman for the whole day! X) told the bunch that i didn't know Yamaha actually sells motor and they all laughed at me! ): and i thought nissan ishhhh buatan msia! *smacks forehead

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! pinkie lensssssssss! :DDDDDDD i can has pink eyes! _

okaaaaaaaay! it's time to study! *bai bai* stuff my head back into maths trial papers! wish me luck! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ see you guys after 2 weeks time!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

up up up updates!

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went to Rakuzen on the other day!the one at the empire shopping mall ! :D the picha on top is wayu beef! slurps!though the sauce was abit too salty! and salad! :D i prefer raw vege than cooked vege! with thick thick dressing! awwwwwww.imma hungry nao ): but tak boleh makan supper! sebab my friend said I BECOME LEBIH BIG SIZE LIAW!

ps: the one at HSC SUCKS BALLS!

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unagi rice + soup + tea! :DDDDDDD very naisssssss! can neutralise the oiliness LMAO imma trying my best to squeeze some words for the captions! wtf

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the HARAJUKU CREPES *pukes* super duper not naisssss lorh! ): TOTALLY doesnt worth the price!cheated my money! WTF

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AS TRIALS ishhhhhh next week! S: *nerdy mood on* shall see you guys after mua trials! :DDDDDDDDD

and thanks god! the girl FINALLY REPLIED me!
pfffffffffffffffff i swear i will never ever bong chan her ANYMORE

ps: chatbox yay or nay?
pps: i lurb mua new layout! :D big big big big thanks to xuanneh and yasmine! :D

Monday, August 9, 2010

desa park city

go fly kite larh you! :P

forced mua sis to take this picha for me wtf

my big ass wtf

baby was superduper freaked out
she never seen so many doggies before WTF
really mao lin yong

wtf nowadays doggie also need to wear shoes liaooooo =.-

i suka puppy niiiiii!
comel sangat! :D

*hug hug

my baby! <3

seeee her backside also banyak comel! X)

papa can i have husky as my bday pressie? (:
*with innocent face and puppy eyes

ps: should i get the olympus semi pro cam? ):
jie jie said is unnecessary for me ):

Sunday, August 1, 2010


yes! like finally i get to try the famous crepe!
but then
taste like ):
i dont really like it!
i think the one at the food court
is much better! (:

with darling! (:
i love this picha!
shooooo colourful !
i like the deco but not the food!


mr selftimer

my fringe! ):

ms sam pat poh act camerashy!
what theee

eddy smile!
he gave me this look =.-
tak beri muka btul!

and yea!
i met shafiq! after so long time!

with mr liew

with the boys!
OMG i didnt realise im that short lorh ):

with the future doc! (:
take care when you are at russia!

with darling! <3
finally ade pichas liawwww!

with sam kor! (:

ps: i lurb lynn's camera! <333
shoo nice!
papa can i have olympus semi pro? (: