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Friday, August 27, 2010



nude pink with sheer love top; bows mini dress underneath;nude pink legging;blue vintage beg;BKK

shiaaaaat just realise when i smile pun no eyes punya ): and look at the pichas you would know how short and fat am i X) baby said my nude pink leggings ish ugly ):


yes! the bow bow bow bow bow!!!!! should have bought the nuce pink too! ): awwww.i wanna go back to BKK again! ): nevermind mama agreed to let me open a blogshop after mua A2! yeeeeees! means i can shop like ki xiao for myself too! :DDDDDDDD


dont look at my choc stain! ): @xuanneh said is a shiaaaaaaat stain sebab imma toilet cleaner! ): hmmmmmmmm luckily you helped me to buy mua bubble hair dye for meeeee! :D if not must stuff your head into the toilet bowl liawwww! thankiew xuan xuan ! but then rupa rupanya want me to be the white mouse 1st! ): still i cant wait to try! :DDDDDDDD the colour better be obvious! if not damn du kao lan lorh ):

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