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Monday, August 30, 2010


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navy collar shirt wear as cardigan;BKK; navy polka dots;times square;braid caramel belt;BKK; vintage beg;times square; vintage heels;S'pore;accessories;BKK

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dont look at my youwannafightarh face ): was trying pose with another style.but i think it doesn't suits me ): what do you think? (: pichasssssssss taken at my little garden! (: pretty? photoshoot at garden aint fun! ): damnnnnnnnnn hoooooooot lorh! i was sweating like mad after i took like 10 pichas! ): and dont ask me why i didnt post all the pichas! i only choose those i look good in it! :P


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vintage baaaaaaaaag! which only cost me like RM18! darn cheap righttttttt! :DDDDDD

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lmaooooo didnt realise that i didnt tie mua shoe lace! oppppppps! tinker bell necklace!

ps: gonna watch date night lateeeeeeeeeeer! :D finally could relax liawwwwwwww! :D

pps: gonna dye my hair tomorrow! with LIESE BUBBLE HAIR DYE