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Sunday, August 1, 2010


yes! like finally i get to try the famous crepe!
but then
taste like ):
i dont really like it!
i think the one at the food court
is much better! (:

with darling! (:
i love this picha!
shooooo colourful !
i like the deco but not the food!


mr selftimer

my fringe! ):

ms sam pat poh act camerashy!
what theee

eddy smile!
he gave me this look =.-
tak beri muka btul!

and yea!
i met shafiq! after so long time!

with mr liew

with the boys!
OMG i didnt realise im that short lorh ):

with the future doc! (:
take care when you are at russia!

with darling! <3
finally ade pichas liawwww!

with sam kor! (:

ps: i lurb lynn's camera! <333
shoo nice!
papa can i have olympus semi pro? (:

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