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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lace + love

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pale pink with love shape cardigan; lace babydoll top wore it as dress;tinker bell necklace;pearl with ribbon bracelet;cherry bracelt;BKK;vintage bag;times square

that's my fav bag for the moment! :DDDDD it just goes with any of mua outfit! :D and one of the advantage of being short! you can just get any long top! and wear it as a mini dress! <3

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this bag is fcuking gorgeoussssssssssssssssssssss! all mua fav element in 1 bag! pale pink! ostrich skin! i want this as mua bday present! S:

should i get these babies? :D of course the inspired want okieeee! i aint that rich to get Celine clogs! though i wish imma that rich ): i think the nude shade looks better! right? :D

ps: if you wanna get me pressie! please buy me shoessssssss! my biggest obsession right nowww! :D

pps: shiaaaaaaaaat.imma hungry ): gonna drink honey milk later! :D plan to drink milk every night for a month! just because they said if you drink more milk you will become fair! we shall see! :D

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