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Monday, September 20, 2010

Pink Devil


stripes cardigan;cotton on;$5 sin;long tank top that wore it as a minidress;TS;RM25;pink leggings;BKK;RM9.50;pink devil hairband;melaka;Rm2

i love the hair band so much that i bought 2! one in red and another want in pink! :D bought it at jonker street! :D and i was totally amazed that they are selling ear dip! WTF melaka trip was a blast! except the hot weather that i could really melt! ): LMAO.and i cut my hair! bangs rock! :D can create optical illusion that you have a smaller face!


pink leggings!!!!! :DDDD i want more colourful leggings! :D and yeah! bout the liese bubble hair dye thing! i think my hair is really really dry for now! ): it gets tangle very easily! ): and my hair is super keras for now! ): any tips to make your hair softer?


korean food ftw! :D

PS: melaka post in coming up! :D

pps: cant wait my finals to be over! i wanna read my mini shopaholic series!

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