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Saturday, October 30, 2010



seriously thanks for viewing my bloggie! even though i didnt update at all! gonna be back after my finals which is like 3 more weeks! :D let's work hard together!

#10 random facts bout me

#1 i look thin in pichas but mad fat in real life (:

#2 people always say that " i have "fascinating" fashion taste" which i dont know is a good or a bad thing

#3 im having finals naoo.but im mad free seriously! i dont feel like studying! can someone please motivates me ? i would ♥ you!

#4 i used to dress up like a lala

#5 just because my mama always say that i look old! i thought i look old! until my friends said i dont

#6 i still couldn't believe that im short cause i was the tallest during primary school WTF

#7 i have a soft spot for sheer clothes

#8 im still a clubbing virgin!

#9 i can swim! :D

#10 i always kena hit by the basketball whenever im playing basketball with the gang! ):

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