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Sunday, November 28, 2010

TCSH Oscar Night

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mua outfit of the night! (;

be frank imma kind of disappointed with the amount of money we paid. AT LEAST a better backdrop and better quality for tickets! not to mention bout some lame performances *yawns* and i still dont get bout giving out academic awards during prom? like all rounder awards? *boring* dont cha think is kind of weird? ;) but dance floor was awesome! ;D that was the only part that everyone enjoyed ;D

*to be continue with pichas*

PS: my legs hurt like maaaaaaaad! for wearing high heels for the night! ):

Pink & Purple


Nude pink cardigan;RM25;Sungai Wang; Lace purple dress; Bkk;Vintage bag; BKK


that's how much i love my cardigan! X) wearing it almost everyday! ;D


with mua baby! ;D


dont cha miss mua lil doggie? ;)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Garden shoot


nude pink cardigan;RM25;Sungai Wang;Grey tank top worn as mine dress;Cotton on Spore;Black satin ribbon necklace;DIY; White wedges;Bata


at mua garden (: think garden shoot looks better! but then is freaking hot i swear! S: just a short update! :D the bunch coming over to prepare for prom and staying over! :D cant wait! (:

Ps: tonight is the night! PROM! (:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Colours of the wind


green polka dots top;RM10;BKK; black dress worn as skirt;RM17;BKK;caramel bag; $10;Far East Plaza


yes.i think the cutting of the polka dots is sort of weird! doesnt fit me ! ):


i know you miss my faceeeeeeeeee! :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP and yes! im having very serious pimple break out ): but no worries! is getting better now! (: went for skin specialist consultation! :D went to sungai wang and time square today! :D think the new area in sungai wang looks like far east plaza! :)

mad dulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! cause their's something wrong with my nuffnang and fb page! ):

PS: cant wait for prom! is this saturday! :DDDD

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sweet PInk


nude pink cardigan;RM25;Sungai Wang;Black top;grab it from mama;patch leggings;RM20;Sungai wang;Cutie cake necklace; Taiwan

the super awesomeeeee nudeee pink cardigan! damn sweet! (: with all the bows and laces! how could you not fall in love with it?


close up of the patch leggings! :D my favourite leggings for the moment!

dyed my hair on the other day! (: choose sweet pink this time round! (:


okay.this is what you get after you open the box! (: just easy as the picture shown! (: think liese bubble hair dye is kinda good if you just wanna touch up your roots! the dye wouldnt stain your skin!


mua hair colour! (: i know it doesnt looks like pink at all.LMAO

Tips for hair dye:

#1 always choose 2 or 1 shades lighter than the shade you want (:

#2 wear an old shirt to dye your hair! you dont wanna ruin your new clothes right!

#3 dye your hair in room this i mean NO AIR-CON! i dont know why i couldnt get the bubbles shown in the pictures above when i first dyed my hair with my air-con on!

#4 dye your hair in an open room! mind you the chemical smell is much stronger compare with normal hair dye! you dont wanna be suffocated!

#5 leave your hair dye a little bit longer.

#6 DONT wash your hair for a day! after you dyed your hair! :D

Ps: finally AS is coming to an end! (: tomorrow! one last paper! aza aza fighting! :D

Monday, November 15, 2010

One last week

Photobucket last week! shall stuff my head into Bio! (: kinda worry for my bio ): i want an A please! :D see you guys after this week! (:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lakeside Campus


Navy blazer;hands down from mama; floral dress;Cotton On;SGD 10;Black leather belt;hands down from mama;Red flats;Cotton On


went to lakeside campus after muet ! sort of screwed up my essay! ): i dont know what to write for arranged marriage! ): is like im giving circular reasoning for my essay! ): went to Wong Kok and the waiter thought we are indonesian chinese LMAO and i shall learn how to pose! ): my posing skill sucks a big time! ):

got to go! continue to swim in the sea of physics!

ps: wish me luck! final week for AS! (:

Friday, November 12, 2010



red flats!

when to KL Pac today! :D like finally! (: and the weirdest thing is they dont allow us to take pichas! LMAO. WHY?


nude pink cardigan;RM25;sungai wang;lace dress;RM10;BKK;red flats;RM20;SPORE COTTON ON

super love the cardigan! shall show you guys the details during the next post! (:


duck duck duckie! (: quack quack quack! seriously! they quack until SUPER LOUD i swear! and i just realized when they quack they dont open their mouth! LMAO


the guys!

they were applying the physic theorys when they were sitting on it.what young modulus,tensile strength! WTF X) mr gaura would be so proud of them! (:

ps: esok MUET! ): wish me luckie!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010



have you hugged anyone today? (:


aint this picha beautiful? (: aint too late to tell someone that you loved "I love you " do it today! (:


smooches (: cause i still believe that love could make the world beautiful

Sunday, November 7, 2010

X'mas is coming to town


nude pink dress;TOPSHOP;bag;from mama;accessories;BKK;black heels with bows;BKK

okay.i still think that i look weird in this picha! X) because i edited the picha! X) so that i look much much much slimmer! LMAO X) big head small body! LMAO


my face damn cacat ): found this place at starhill which is connecting starhill to idontrememberwhichhotel! X) that place is awesomeeee! with those natural light! i likey!

2 weeks till my finals end! paintball karoake shopping im coming!

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