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Friday, November 12, 2010



red flats!

when to KL Pac today! :D like finally! (: and the weirdest thing is they dont allow us to take pichas! LMAO. WHY?


nude pink cardigan;RM25;sungai wang;lace dress;RM10;BKK;red flats;RM20;SPORE COTTON ON

super love the cardigan! shall show you guys the details during the next post! (:


duck duck duckie! (: quack quack quack! seriously! they quack until SUPER LOUD i swear! and i just realized when they quack they dont open their mouth! LMAO


the guys!

they were applying the physic theorys when they were sitting on it.what young modulus,tensile strength! WTF X) mr gaura would be so proud of them! (:

ps: esok MUET! ): wish me luckie!

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