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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sweet PInk


nude pink cardigan;RM25;Sungai Wang;Black top;grab it from mama;patch leggings;RM20;Sungai wang;Cutie cake necklace; Taiwan

the super awesomeeeee nudeee pink cardigan! damn sweet! (: with all the bows and laces! how could you not fall in love with it?


close up of the patch leggings! :D my favourite leggings for the moment!

dyed my hair on the other day! (: choose sweet pink this time round! (:


okay.this is what you get after you open the box! (: just easy as the picture shown! (: think liese bubble hair dye is kinda good if you just wanna touch up your roots! the dye wouldnt stain your skin!


mua hair colour! (: i know it doesnt looks like pink at all.LMAO

Tips for hair dye:

#1 always choose 2 or 1 shades lighter than the shade you want (:

#2 wear an old shirt to dye your hair! you dont wanna ruin your new clothes right!

#3 dye your hair in room this i mean NO AIR-CON! i dont know why i couldnt get the bubbles shown in the pictures above when i first dyed my hair with my air-con on!

#4 dye your hair in an open room! mind you the chemical smell is much stronger compare with normal hair dye! you dont wanna be suffocated!

#5 leave your hair dye a little bit longer.

#6 DONT wash your hair for a day! after you dyed your hair! :D

Ps: finally AS is coming to an end! (: tomorrow! one last paper! aza aza fighting! :D

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