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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 resolutions


Happy New Year mua loves! How was your new year eve? Mine was prettay awesome! though i didnt manage to catch any fireworks! (;

#2011 Resolutions

#1 I shall be more hardworking (which is kind of impossible! )
#2 Figure out which road i wanna take after Alevels! which is only 6 months left!
#3 DIET! (;
#4 I shall be a better daughter better friend and better sister this year !
#5 CLUBBING! is a must!
#6 Forget bout him ;D i can do it (;
#7 Hopefully i could start a blogshop this year! a proper want! (;
#8 Do some Vblogging? ;D
#9 I shall bloggg moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ;D or maybe start mua project 365?
#10 Meet up with the bunch moreeee! (;


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