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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Recipe for easy pizza and guilt free onion rings

Made cheat pizzas lately and oven baked guilt free onion rings!  Inspired by hungry girl :) absolutely love her tv program. Easy recipes for eating clean.

Here comes the recipes

Burger pizza
1. Pan fry the burger patty (I made my own burger patty.and cut into chunks
2. Pre toast your tortilla to get that extra crunch!
3. Spread some ketchup and guacamole on the tortilla
4. Evenly distribute chopped garlic, sliced onions/shallots and spice of your choice (I usually use thyme) *you can omit this step if you have store brought marinara/pizza sauce in hand
6. Evenly distribute some mozzarella cheese, chopped garlic, slice onions/shallots, sliced tomatoes and burger patty
7. Top it up with some mozzarella and cream cheese
8. Put it into oven (180-200degrees) for a few minutes
9. Top it up with cucumber
10. Voila you are done!

Tips :
If you love runny egg yolk on your pizza just crack an egg onto the pizza when is almost done and baked it for a 2-3 minutes.
The variation for this recipe is endless!

I made a seafood pizza too! by using mentaiko mayo (you can get it in shojikiya) , tuna and crab sticks.

Onion rings
1. Cut a huge onion (red/yellow) into thin rings
2. Preheat your oven at 180-200degrees celcius
3. Prepare 3 bowls and put in corn starch, egg white , and bread crumbs individually
4. Season the corn starch, egg white and bread crumbs with a touch of salt and pepper
5. First coat the onion rings with corn starch then into egg wash and finally coat it with bread crumbs
6. Spray the baking pan with canola oil for easy removal
7. Arrange the onion rings in single layer
8. Spray some canola oil on the onion rings for crunch
9. Put it into the oven for approximately 5minutes (depends on the thickness of your onion rings)
10. Take it out to flip the onion rings and bake for another 3-4minutes
11. Now you are done! Enjoy your guilt free onion rings with some ketchup ;)

Tips : For variation you could put some dry herbs into the bread crumbs.

Have fun cooking! 

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