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Monday, August 4, 2014

How To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Carrots Part 1

Sorry for the late post! I hope you guys would enjoy this simple recipe  :)

So first up, my Mirin Glazed Carrots which only calls for 5 ingredients! 


2 Carrot, sliced longitudinally 
2-3 Tb spoons of Water 
3-4 Tb spoons of Mirin 
1 Teaspoon of Minced Garlic 
1 Teaspoon of Oil

(1) Heat up the pan and add in 1 teaspoon of oil. 
(2) Toss in the carrot and cook for about 1-2 minutes with medium heat until it slightly soften 
(3) Pour in Mirin and toss the carrots around on high heat for a minute, then put the lid on to cook for 2-3 minutes or until it's soften. 
You may add on a few tb spoons of water if it seems to be dry and carrots still remained uncooked.
(4) Remove the lid and switch to high heat to reduce the liquid. 
(5) Turn off the heat when carrots are all glazed. 
(6) Toss in the minced garlic and mix well. 
Voila,you are ready to serve! 

This serves as a good side for steaks or roast chicken. You can also double up the portion and keep the extras for salad or sandwiches. It keeps well in fridge for a week.

I would try to upload part II soon! Stay tuned. Have fun cooking. Till then, xoxo 

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